Biz Plus Forms

Application forms can be obtained upon request from any committee member.

This application is required under the Model constitution as directed by the NSW Department of Fair Trading.


This is the Model constitution which we as an organisation have adopted.


BIZ+ Referral Form

For newer members to BIZ+ we set out below the “HOW TO USE” instructions so that we can accurately record relevant information for statistical purposes only.

As the BIZ+ member referring the business, your name goes on the line headed FROM, e.g. Geoff N

For this exercise we will create the following scenario as an example only:

  • Tony M is a Commercial Real Estate Agent looking for a referral to a Plumber.
  • Geoff N has a client who is a Plumber.
  • Geoff N passes a “Referral” to Tony M providing the contact details for the Plumber.
  • Tony M can now make contact with the Plumber using Geoff N as the introducing source.

Summary. Tony M’s property owner is planning to carry out some plumbing work and wants to get several quotes.

Geoff N, (the FROM) suggests that Tony M (the TO) contact XYZ Plumbing (the REFERRAL).

This is an unqualified introduction with no guarantee that Tony M will use the services of XYZ Plumbing. This is considered an Introduction. Mark/Circle 1 on the form.

Geoff N, (the FROM) discusses with Tony M (the TO) about XYZ Plumbing (the REFERRAL), and then Geoff N passes Tony M’s card onto the Plumber. This is a warm referral but still with no guarantee of business being created between Tony M and XYZ PlumbingCircle 3 on the form. This is considered a Lead.

Geoff N, (the FROM) advises Tony M (the TO) that he recommends XYZ Plumbing (the REFERRAL), and then Geoff N arranges for Tony M to call XYZ Plumbing, or for XYZ Plumbing to contact Tony M. Either way, Tony M has accepted the referral and it will likely turn into business between Tony M and XYZ Plumbing. This is a qualified referral. Mark 5 on the form.

The Address, Telephone and Email details are those of XYZ Plumbing.

These details may be left open or marked “sent by email” if confidentiality is an issue.  

BIZ+ Closed Business Form


All we need here is:

  • the name of the Referrer being thanked (Geoff N on the BIZ+ Referral Form),
  • The amount of the closed business as per the invoice paid.
  • Comments. (for example, were you satisfied 100%, or “good referral”)
  • From. This is IMPORTANT. It is the name of the person to whom the referral was sent, in the example above, Tony M.

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