Experience a Meeting

INNOVATIVE networking via Connections, Collaboration, Creativity and Contribution

1. Open Meeting

As you arrive our wonderful committee will greet you at the door. You’ll then get an opportunity to meet fellow businesses and find out about what each other does. We then choose our breakfast and grab a seat. It’s open seating so everyone gets to meet new people.

2. Sales Minute

During the meeting you’ll get the chance to introduce your business to the rest of the group. We want you to tell us what you do, what makes you special, and who the ideal referral is. You’ve got 30 seconds so be specific.

3. Close Meeting

It’s important in any networking group that you see results. We track the results of activity in the group so we know it’s benefiting members. You don’t have to do anything at this stage, just sit back and watch all the business being done.


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