What To Expect

What to expect at a Biz Plus networking meeting

Attendance brings rewards


Biz Plus members meet weekly every Tuesday at The Clan Motel Terrigal from 7:30am-8:30am. There’s no mandatory attendance; businesses come along to the networking meetings because regular attendance presents more opportunities to build relationships and gain new business. That said, even a non-profit networking group must pay attention to its costs, so members must give notice of non-attendance by Friday, so that catering numbers can be confirmed.



Surprisingly, given the early hour, the Biz Plus networking group are an extraordinarily energetic lot. The meetings buzz with enthusiasm and good humour!


Biz Plus invites speakers from a wide range of backgrounds to entertain and educate its Central Coast members. And with so much experience already in the room, members regularly take to the floor to share their knowledge with the rest of the group. You’ll be amazed at the great business tips shared at a Biz Plus networking meeting!

New business

Biz Plus has a tracking system to measure referrals and closed business amongst members. There’s no pressure to give referrals but it will enable you to measure the return from your investment of time and money. The networking meeting will finish at 8:30am but you are welcome to stay longer and you’re definitely encouraged to arrange meetings outside of Biz Plus. Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

You can attend Biz Plus as a guest. Request your invitation today.


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