Code of Conduct

The Biz Plus Code of Conduct for All Members

The following is the agreed list of criteria which each Member MUST abide during their period of membership within the Association.
  1. It will be incumbent upon each individual Member to conduct themselves both professionally and courteously towards other Members and any Guests / Visitors at all times
  2. Members must be Financially responsible and ensure that all Fees are paid on time or within arrangements (if such have been made and agreed by The Committee)
  3. Members are expected to provide their Services at the Prices they quote
  4. Members are expected to be truthful in their dealings with fellow Members as well as in the handling of Referrals received AND take responsibility for their actions and outcomes
  5. Members are expected to be supportive toward fellow Members and display a positive attitude within the weekly meetings
  • Any two (2) official citations for breaches of the Code of Conduct within 12 months from the first recorded breach, will result in the termination of that Members membership
  • All memberships will be under regular review by The Committee
  • Bullying or harassment of Members will not be tolerated. Any Member who breaches this ‘conduct code’ will have their Membership immediately terminated
  • Members are expected to respect each other as well as any Visitors / Guests and should at all times protect the rights to Privacy and Confidentiality with regards to dealing with Personal Information