Working for our community


Bis Plus believes that building a network community will attract new business and investment to the region.

Biz Plus believes that by establishing relationships with other Central Coast business groups and community organisations, it can better serve its members. After all, every Central Coast business is a part of the wider community and will benefit from a region that is more vibrant and attractive for new business and investment.

Cancer Council Australia seeks to engage all Australians in their work to reduce cancer in Australia.

Cancer Council

Cancer Council Australia commenced in 1961 as The Australian Cancer Society. Whilst State & Territory Cancer Councils continued to undertake most of the organisation’s research support and education programs, the Federal body’s primary role was to develop independent national control policy.
In 1997, the eight jurisdictional members agreed to expand the Society and renamed if Cancer Council Australia.

Cancer Council Australia seeks to engage all Australians in their work to reduce the impact of cancer in Australia through advocacy, research, education & support. BIZ Plus is proud to be a ‘Supporter’ of Cancer Council NSW, which is an independent Charity and 97% Community Funded. It is the unique combination of local program delivery, community engagement and national influence which will enable everyone who cares about cancer to make the biggest possible difference.

Rescuing people from adverse situations.

Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

Rescuing people from adverse situations is what we do best. It is our mission to deliver immediate medical care and transport a patient in the quickest possible time which can be the difference between life and death.

Since 1975 the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service has grown from a part-time voluntary summer beach patrol to world-class aeromedical search and rescue operation. This has been possible with the assistance from Westpac Bank as our naming rights sponsor, our corporate partners, community donations and of course our incredible volunteer support groups.